fun things.


pop up outdoor yogi bootcamp classes on pier 2 brooklyn

come join on select mornings for pop up group classes that combines cardio, HIIT, strength and yoga. $15 drop in, bring friends, can fit up to 15 people. will include beautiful views. sign up via email. if chance of rain will be canceled 5pm the night before.

schedule below:

  • Saturday 10/26 8:30am

  • Sunday 10/27 9:00am


our nature workshop: riverside yoga newburyport 11/3 1pm-3pm

we all have an innate connection to nature and to each other. the practice of yoga describes this as our universal one-ness. throughout our daily lives we pick up external influences that cracks that connection. we start to believe that our individualness doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. we tend to get lost in the momentum of progress. do you let yourself stop and think? do you know yourself? are you aware of your daily habits? do you know that your daily choices matter? we live in an always-on culture where convenience is king, but is convenience really better? how do these choices impact our lives and the world around us? the answers to these questions take a lifetime but it is imperative, for ourselves and our environment, that we do the work.

in this workshop we will scratch the surface by using tools of yoga, meditation and journaling to get to know ourselves better. we will use movement and yoga, to root into the space and our bodies. we will then start a group discussion with targeted questions about our individual nature, our relationship with that nature and how that relates to the world around us. we will leave feeling more grounded, with a set of mindful tools that help brighten our relationship to self and help us all make a personal impact in our communities. students will be gifted a sustainable bundle, including samples from local shops such as Plum Island Soap Company, all to help kick-start a newly connected and sustainable life.  


what you missed


rooftop yoga & pasta nights

an incredibly unique, earthy, fun and joyous evening on top of brooklyn in my rooftop garden. this experience is made specifically for you starting the evening with a private yoga class (catered to your experience level and goals) and then sitting down to a homemade pasta meal and wine.


plastic free july, a challenge

a challenge to raise awareness about our relationship with plastic in our every day lives. you might not finish july completely plastic free, but you will come out of this challenge with increased awareness of your consumption habits and the tools you need to help deepen your personal impact on the world around you.


summer rooftop yoga

private rooftop yoga classes on my brooklyn rooftop for up to 4 people. classes were custom created to your goals and experience levels and sometimes included a fun, ice cold beer after. the lucky students got to take home fresh herbs from the garden. it was a great summer! sign up for the fall.


sunrise & savasana for sun safety with soho house & sweat for smiles

an early morning rooftop yoga class on top of soho house NY in partnership with sweat for smiles to benefit the shade foundation. there is nothing better than getting your flow on for a good cause as the sun rises on top of one of NYC’s prettiest rooftops. no worries if you missed it, read all about it and learn about each partner on the sweat for smiles website.